Ready. Set. Go!


I am so ready for a new year. Every year I try to pick one manageable thing to set as my “resolution.” This year my theme is #fabulousbefore40. I have decided to be a bit selfish and really focus on ME!


Physically I have really let myself go. There are tons of excuses, but I am tired of making them. Now I will only focus on the future and getting myself in shape. I want to look better, sure. But more than that, I want to FEEL better.

I am also really starting to notice changes in my skin, etc. Not wrinkles, really… but just saggy, flabby skin. Some of this will tighten up with weight loss, of course. But I also know now is the time to put more effort into taking care of my skin. Luckily I have a pal that sells Mary Kay and has already turned me on to some wonderful products for this part of my project.

I also hope to take more ME time this year. My daughter is older and can now entertain herself better. I love to get out and walk, ALONE… even if just for 30 minutes. After her bedtime I plan to get myself to the gym and focus on ME. Eating better, healthier, fresher food is also on the list… I get overwhelmed and exhausted, so processed food becomes a norm because it is easier and faster. I.MUST.PUSH.THROUGH.

I will win this.
I will win.
I will.




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