My Foot Got Stuck in the Car Seat: A Parenting Memoir (cont.) x4

Ch. 5: Voice Volume Modulation

I love the chance to hang out with other mom’s and their kids. This is for a variety of reasons. It is nice to have adult conversation and/or beverages. It is nice that my kid (who is an only child) has the opportunity to hang out with some kids and work on that whole socialization thing. It also make me feel better that other people’s kids are weird and LOUD too! And I mean, LOUD!

Why are you shouting at me?

I say this to my daughter at least 10 times a day. Her BFF from preschool is even louder. I always figured this was because there were a lot of kids in their preschool class and they just had to be loud to be heard.

But I have learned, and it was reiterated to me on this trip that, no, kids are just loud. I mean it really is like they cannot control their volume.

M: (yelling, while right next to me) Hey Mom! Can I have a popsicle?!
Me: Why are you yelling?
M: (looks at me weird, yells again) Popsicle?!


E1: (yelling, to no one in particular) I just killed a bunch of zombies and built a house with a bed filled with pigs! (*sidenote- I really do not GET Minecraft???)
JML: Stop yelling! E2 is napping!
E1: (yelling) You wish!

Female E: (yelling, running through the house): Full House is on! Full House is on!
Me: (confused) Why is THAT worthy of screaming? Be quiet! And stop running! I am STILL not going to the ER for stitches! 

I’m not sure at what age volume modulation kicks in. Come to think of it, I know several adults that also do not possess this skill… and alcohol certainly hinders the brain’s ability to just BE QUIET!

At any rate, time spent with other parents is certainly worth knowing that my little mini me isn’t broken, just naturally loud.

Up Next~ ch. 6: Stop Repeating Yourself. Now.


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