The Theme


It’s New Year’s Eve. As I write this I have less than an hour until it is officially 2017. I can honestly say I have never felt more apprehensive about an upcoming year (or 4). I am NOT a political person, but I am a fairly intelligent person, and the approaching “change of the guard” at the White House already has me nervous.

But there is NOTHING I can do about any of that mess… Though as hubby is from the UK, I s’pose I have an escape plan…

Enough of that junk. This year’s THEME (I do this instead of resolutions) is: GET MY SH*T TOGETHER!

I have turned into a scatty-bat-brain and I do NOT like it. I have a new handy dandy planner (one of those fun ones that is like a sticker book and you can decorate and add more organizing junk to). I want to continue to purge the house, focusing on the kitchen and Miss Priss’ room (she is NOT a fan of this plan). Oh yeah, and lose a few pounds.

One goal I have for myself is to get my Google Educator certification. I meant to work on this over Christmas break, but alas, my pesky, toxic appendix had other plans. Ah well, at least I didn’t have to make sub plans!

So in light of all that is inevitably going to SUCK in 2017, I’m ready to focus on ME. I mean, if the POTUS can be selfish, why can’t I?



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