Perfect, True, AND Funny!



Saw this on a friend’s Facebook post today and had a good chuckle. It’s my theme, and it’s true. Well, I hope the bit about 2017 being my year is true… I keep thinking if I say it over and over (like a mantra) it will magically come true… or motivate me to try harder to make it true. We shall see.

On the new planner-front… I checked my planner today, saw that I had already left instructions for myself, and I DID WHAT I TOLD ME TO DO! (How is that for a convoluted sentence! SUCK IT GRAMMAR!) Anyhoo, I am quite proud of myself. <pats self on back>

Tomorrow it is back to work, sort of. As I am teacher it is an inservice day. I am supposed to attend a tech conference which I am excited about, but I have no one to keep Miss Priss, so I may have to bring her with, which could be tricky… I may go 1/2 day to conference, 1/2 day to school and work in my room. I WILL NOT STRESS ABOUT IT! (another mantra- perhaps I need to make a list of these in the new planner!)

Hope everyone else’s “resolutions” are off to a bright & glittery start! Keep the faith!

ps- I WILL get my sh*t together! I WILL get my sh*t together! (say it with me!) I WILL get my sh*t together!


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