Day 5

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Day 5 and I am already losing motivation… (sigh)  However, I do have some extenuating circumstances (appendectomy last week, recovery, blah blah)…

As I took today off from school (yesterday almost killed me), I am planning to get some stuff done. If I put them in print, they have to get done, right?


  1. Begin taking Christmas Trees down.
  2. Go to Sam’s/ Renew membership
  3. Laundry
  4. Take Miss Priss to the used bookstore for some new reads.
  5. Winterguard rehearsal 6-8pm

That is all I am going to PLAN on for today. In between all that will be rest and relaxation– because I NEED it! And dagblastit, I am going to take care of ME!

Getting stuff done! Miss Priss got 5 books today (4 chapter books! BIG DEAL!) Sam’s is renewed and I did a cupcake delivery. Time to rest now before guard rehearsal. 




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