Boom Shacka-Lacka!

I continued on my productivity streak from yesterday… While I never go to the “Start taking down Christmas Trees” list item yesterday, I ROCKED it today! BOOM! 5 trees packed up! Wizard of Oz, Sports, UT, Sugar Skulls, and Cat trees are all disassembled and boxed up for next Christmas. Tomorrow I will finish up with the main tree and Miss Priss’ tree and be DONE! WOOHOO!

I also got my errands taken care of before the impending snow fall… (currently the roads and grass are covered- BRING IT ON, I say!) Target was a big winner as Miss Priss conned me into buying the Game of Life. I was an easy sell- I never had this game as kid, but always loved playing it with my cousin at her house. Seems it is a bit different and a bit more complicated now… but lots of fun nonetheless!

Life Lessons

Grocery store wasn’t super nuts– I think most of the panickers went yesterday.

While finally putting my feet up to rest, I came across this on the Facebook… I needed a good laugh!



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