Where to Start?

First of all, I am happy to report that I feel more awake and “with it” today. I have already made some big accomplishments and it is not even 2pm.

  • Got new tires
  • Deposits at 2 banks
  • Took charger to hubby at work
  • picked up prescriptions
  • Took my ring in to be repaired (only $32, YAY!)
  • Ate lunch
  • Watched ep. 2 of Sherlock


While getting tires, I was also productive. Took care of some emails for work, read over 20 pages in my book, and had a long conversation with an 85 yr old man. Bless him. He was super sweet, asking me about my job, computers, etc. Telling me how to use the internet to get deals on oil changes. He told me he and 12 others hike every Thursday– which is awesome! I learned all about his kids and wife Betty, who like me drives a Prius. As I was leaving he was waiting to pay, and for whatever reason pointed out his truck to me. It was a small pickup truck covered in stickers, which I found surprising. As I was preparing to walk past it and get in my car, I had a sudden thought… PLEASE DO NOT LETTER THERE BE A “Make America Great Again” STICKER ON THIS CAR…

Dammit. And I really liked that guy.

Another thing I did before my convo with the old republican was read up on some motivational articles and blogs. I do this, along with reading ideas for “Getting my sh*t together” on a daily basis to try to stay motivated. Some days it works, some days I can’t be bothered to click the link.

Today I came across 10 Ways to Stay Motivated — and it’s pretty good! Number 1 is STAY FOCUSED. Shit. This is a problem for me as I am always multitasking (even right now!). But the article says:

Stop multitasking, do one thing at a time with all your energy, this will help you stay motivated.

So I plan to attempt this more. Making to-do lists (at which I am AWESOME) was next! Again here my new planner is helping make this more fun anyway. A to-do list with stickers is way cooler! And it does help me to actually accomplish a task if I know I will get the satisfaction of marking it OFF my list. The article also says to read motivational articles, as I have just confessed to doing. Man, I am feeling even MORE accomplished now! 😉

The next bits are all about staying energetic (uh-oh), positive (crap), and enthusiastic (balls). <DEEP BREATH>

OK, seriously. I can do this!

Off to use this newfound energy to mark something else off my list!



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