I am a huge Harry Potter nerd. I proudly admit it.

Today I was reminded it has been 1 year since the passing of Alan Rickman. What an amazing actor. He could play the bad guy like no other, but by all accounts was nothing but a good guy in real life.

Severus Snape will forever be his legacy. I remember when I first heard he was cast for the role I thought, “Oh my God YES! PERFECT!” It was like the role had been written for him. And that was WAY before we knew the complexity of the Severus Snape character.


I came across this link today from The Huffington Post UK. If you are a Harry Potter/ Severus Snape fan, or an Alan Rickman fan, watch it.

Remembering Alan Rickman With His Most Poignant
Severus Snape Scenes In ‘Harry Potter’


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