Thank God It’s a LONG Weekend!

Whew. I am tired. SO glad there is an extra day to recover…

Yesterday was a range of emotions and activities… I began the day at a funeral for a long-time family friend… So sad, especially as it was totally unexpected and sudden. (Her death, not the actual funeral…)* It was cold and rainy and overcast and depressing… as funeral weather should be, I guess.
(* Nervous comedy = coping mechanism)

From there I dashed to pick up Miss Priss and drop her off at her BFF’s house for a sleepover. Next I dashed again to a HS in a neighboring county to watch my 2 high school colorguards compete. Normally these contests are an all day event for me, but what with the funeral and tickets to see BON JOVI that night… I couldn’t stay the whole day.

As soon as group #2 performed I was back in the car and beginning my 3 hr trek to my JML’s house. From there it was concert time!

I have seen Bon Jovi MANY times. And this concert was good, don’t get me wrong. But Bon Jovi without Richie is missing something. The new guitar guy looks like a muppet, and everything seemed “squeaky” to me. Perhaps it is because I just LOVE Richie, and am a bit bitter, but I don’t think that is it. Regardless, I had minimal voice left upon leaving and was thrilled to have had the invitation to attend. Plus time with JM is always needed and much welcomed.

Now JML is one of the cohorts of the before written about beach trip which led to several entries I treated as a parenting memoir. (Side note: AVM was greatly missed this weekend…) Well, the parenting adventures seem to continue as E2 is now potty training. JM is using the tried and true method of allowing him to just be pants-free around the house… Which is an interesting sight to wake up to for sure… esp when one is not used to little boys… Needless to say much hilarity ensued as he kept accidentally brushing his bare booty (and other bare parts) against me…. Bless.

Speaking of hilarity…. Picture it, last night, midnightish, 2 exhausted and starving ladies in a minivan pull up to the Krystals drive-thru, and as the worker inside opens the window to collect our money…. BAM! Smacks the shit out of the side mirror… Cue insane laughter, and the driver saying, “Oh, should I pull up?” I have no doubt Krystals workers see some crazy stuff and ridiculously drunk people. We were not those people, but I have no doubt he thought we were.

Laughter that cannot be stopped and causes your eyes to leak uncontrollably is the BEST laughter.

snort(This happened also…vicious cycle, really)



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