Summer Lovin’

drink-with-pineapple-cherry-and-cocktail-umbrella-near-oceanAh! Summer vacation is finally here! I’m only a few days in but already feel like I have accomplished some things (including updating my long neglected blog….)

One of the true perks of teaching is these few weeks we have off in the summer. Of course those not in education are quick to point out how “lazy” teachers are, etc. Um yeah. We cram 12 months worth of work into 10, we deal with unruly kids and even unrulier parents, we are evaluated based on students’ test scores… Trust me, it is in everyone’s best interest to give us some time to recharge. Not to mention, those not in education also are not aware of how much training and planning teachers do over summer break– it’s not all beach trips and umbrella drinks, people!

quicheSomething I like to do during time off from school is try new recipes that I do not have energy to make during the school year. This AM I tried one that I saw on Facebook last week. I finally tracked it down and saved it to Pinterest– Sweet Potato Crust Quiche. I will tell you I used too much sun dried tomato (if there is such a thing!), so mine wasn’t really “eggy” at all– but it was still really good!

While we are talking about food, Hubby and I had an INCREDIBLE meal the other night. We went to a Japanese restaurant we have been meaning to try for, oh, I don’t know, 7 years or something ridiculous! Anyhoo– it was AMAZING! I had an avocado roll for an appetizer and Hubs had some pork dumplings– both DELISH! My main was an adventure for me– I tried yakisoba (stir-fried ramen with chicken, cabbage, and onions, topped with seaweed and scallions). I. LOVE. IT! Can’t wait to go back!

IMG_5987.JPGMiss Priss and I have also been having some fun. Her BFF spent last Thursday night, so for her first FULL day of break we went to Jump Jam, Chick-Fil-A, and to see Boss Baby. She and I have also played approximately a million games of Life. Yesterday we moved to some card games as well, now having enjoyed some heated games of Go Fish and King on the Corner.

She is also enjoying “sketching” and drawing, and often challenges me to contests. We had some fun a few weeks ago drawing silly pictures.

How cute is Fudge the cat?! (Don’t be hating on Linda with the Lopsided Lips!)

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