Manatee Manor, 2017: Day 1- The Rainbow Tour

Date: Saturday, June 24, 2017
Song of the Day: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Quote of the DayMom, don’t yell in front of the ladies!” (~Fudd)

The time has finally arrived! Last year we began a tradition we hope continues– the Girls/ Kids beach trip. (You might remember the saga of My Foot Got Stuck in the Carseat). This year we set off mere days after the Destin area received a lot of rain from Tropical Storm Cindy– meaning I drove through a LOT of rain… but we also saw a lot of rainbows along the way. I mean seriously, like 5 rainbows…. big ones!

As is always the way on road trips, wrong turns were made, traffic was encountered, and in this case, a detour around podunk, AL was necessary because they apparently shut down the town for a water party in the middle of main street. Seriously?! You have got to be kidding me! (insert frustration here).

We finally made it, 13 hrs later. Same house as last year– which is awesome, but somewhat overkill on the manatee decor.

First thing unpacked from the car!
Be a unicorn!

Once again, the cast of characters is the same, but this year with better nicknames:

  • MK– The leader of these trips! Thanks to the generosity of her hubby, we are all here! Mother of the two gentlemen on the trip. 3rd grade teacher.
  • Bill– Mom of two beautiful daughters. Pre-K teacher.
  • Me- The fool who can get her foot stuck in a carseat as easily as I can make pancakes (#madskillz). 4th and 5th grade teacher. (do you see a theme?)


  • Fudd– the eldest, age 7. Future IT guy or coder. You might remember him and his catchphrase from last year– “You wish!” (as yet not heard on this trip)
  • Diva– age 7. Bill’s oldest daughter. Beautiful, petite, and according to her, the best at gymnastics on this trip. (no one disputes this– typed as all my bones crack)
  • Miss Priss– age 6 (for 8 more days!). This one belongs to me. She is smart, athletic, and strong in “executive leadership skills.” If you are looking for her on this trip, check the ocean– she’s undoubtedly there on her boogie board.
  • Olaf– age 5. Possibly the funniest kid on the planet. Olaf is very much her own person- think mini Phoebe from Friends.
  • Bam Bam– age 3. The baby of our group. Future Frat Boy- prefers to be pantsless, and often passes out on the beach. #pumpkinpatch

Lesson of the Day:
owStepping on a Tootsie Pop ranks up there with stepping on a Lego. #truth








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