Manatee Manor, Day 3: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Date: Monday, June 26, 2017
Song of the Day: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow
Quote of the Day: “Well Steve, I’m going to have to go with _______.

IMG_6462As always, not moving fast in the AM (“Wake up Diva!)

One tradition we have is pancakes every AM. So as of end of breakfast Monday AM, we have finished one box of mix. These kids can flat put away some pancakes.

And bacon. We pretty much do a pound of bacon a day.

And let’s not forget Olaf’s 2 bowls of cereal. And Bam Bam’s marshmallows. And Miss Priss’ popsicles.


Mornings are also Minecraft Meeting time with Miss Priss and Fudd… sometimes these are undercover meetings… IMG_6461







IMG_6463So today’s beach venture was much more successful, and MUCH sunnier! Once again we loaded up like pack mules and herded cats, er, kids down to the beach. Lots of sunscreen, sand, boogie boarding, watermelon, beer, Pringles (favorite beach snack!), and SUN! We all got a bit pink, but it was rain-free and fun!



Lunch prep for 5 kids

On a personal aside, one of my summer goals is to learn to french braid Miss Priss’ hair…

Pretty proud of this!

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